About Us

SilTec Labs, LLC is the premier choice for lifelike silicone prosthetic devices

We offer in-person custom coloring to ensure the highest quality of color matching and long-distance services to accommodate every budget and travel restriction. 

Each device is custom fabricated and fit to be virtually undetectable when worn by your patients.   Our talented team of experts can travel to your facility, ensuring the best clinical results and patient experience.  

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality and service both nationally and internationally.

We work closely with our clinical providers to provide unsurpassable service and care – we guarantee it!    We are proudly an Insured and Registered Limited Liability Corporation through the state of CT. 

About Our Services

SilTec offers TWO options for precision color matching that allow us to accommodate patients anywhere in the country.

In-Person Color Matching

Our experts come on-site to the patient's  prosthetic provider's location. We custom color the prosthesis while the patient is present to ensure the best color match possible.

Distance Color Matching

We have developed a successful color matching system that allows us to color match from a distance.  An Ideal option  for patients with transportation restrictions and time constraints.