Welcome to SilTec Labs

Welcome to SilTec Labs

Welcome to SilTec LabsWelcome to SilTec LabsWelcome to SilTec Labs

Your Experts in Silicone Restoration Devices

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In response to the current COVID-19-driven mask shortage we are prototyping a self-adhering, reusable silicone mask, with a replaceable filter

For More information:  Please visit and contact us at masksealz.com 

Thank you and stay safe!

About Us

Our experts at SilTec Labs understand that limb loss doesn't just affect physical abilities...

You can FEEL your best when you LOOK your best. We pride ourselves on creating prosthetic devices that are virtually undetectable when worn by the patient . We are committed to helping our patients regain confidence in their appearance and feeling their best when wearing our devices.  

When Only The BEST Will Do

Our Silicone Restoration devices are of the highest life-like quality available anywhere in the world. Our unique team is a collaboration of specialists from both the Medical Prosthetic Field and the Movie Industry. The blending of these talents produces incredible realism of our prosthetic devices - down to matching fingerprints and the patient's own strands of hair!

Don't Settle For Less

Our trusted team has over 10 years of experience working with patients and medical professionals from all over the world. We are known in the industry for our compassionate care, attention to detail, and standards of quality.  

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SilTec Labs

Located in Portland, CT

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Service Information

We offer FREE consultations and evaluations at any licensed Prosthetic Provider's office. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

Services Offered

SilTec offers TWO options for precision color matching that allow us to accommodate patients anywhere in the country

  • In-Person Color Matching Our experts come on-site to the patient's  prosthetic provider's location. We custom color the prosthesis while the patient is present to ensure the best color match possible.

  • Distance Color Matching We have developed a successful color matching system that allows us to color match from a distance.